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MELINA is a highly effective wastewater gentle cleaner with a wide spectrum of applications for high pressure, indoor and engine. Suitable for the chemical prewash in car wash lines.

 MELINA is self-emulsifying, during rinse-off. The cleaner loses the emulsifying effect. Dirt and water are separated. Suitable for ultrafiltration systems.

 MELINA is an excellent dirt remover for grease, soot and lubricants. Melina is a waste water friendly cleaner of workshop grounds, tools, motors, engine rooms, vehicle bodies, chassis machines and tanks.


Workshop ground, manual 1:10 bis 1: 40
Workshop ground, automatic
1:40 bis 1:100
Machines 1:10 bis 1: 40
Tables, cabinets, window frames (plastic)
1: 5 bis 1: 40
1:10 bis 1: 40
Motors, engine rooms, vehicle bodies, chassis 1: 3 bis 1: 20
High Pressure Equipment
1: 5 bis 1: 20







The containing tenside are in accordance with the requirements of the RVO for

detergents and cleaning agents law and subject to Tenside regulation (TensV)

dd. 04th June1985 > 90% biodegradable.
The cleaner does not contain any organic halogen compounds (AOX).

pH: 10.2
Specific Gravity: 1.11g / cm at 20 degree Celsius

Article Number / Pack size:
0852 / 35 kg canister
0853 / 67 kg canister
0854 / 225 kg plastic barrel

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