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Competence in Cleaning Technology
We are a competent partner in the Cleaning Technology. We provide high standards, comprehensive knowledge, experience, professionalism, quality awareness, creativity and partnership thinking and acting.
OLMO Reinigungstechnik GmbH offers its business partners appropriate materials and environmentally friendly solutions for the cleaning of vehicles, buildings, machinery and industrial equipment and also for the use in sanitary areas and for domestic use. We produce the products ourselves. Hence are ”Made in Germany”.

Value guaranteed through gentle cleaning
Since Louis Pasteur we have known of the importance of good hygiene.
The awareness of cleanliness has increased considerably since his important discoveries. In our modern day culture is probably no one who would not prefer his own toilet to a public restroom. A thorough but gentle cleaning not only protects our health, it increases our sense of well-being and provide in our possession. The equipment that we use every day is well maintained. Cleaning means: value guaranteed.

OLMO’s Cleaning Technology – Out of our passion for the environment
Under the motto quality conscious = environmentally conscious, we produce environmentally friendly cleaning and care products for you. All the products in our range are tested for their environmental and under extreme conditions. They meet the legal requirements and are subject to constant laboratory monitoring. We use only raw materials that comply with the latest regulations. All our raw materials are stored in especially designed containers at our factory which complies with the latest environmental requirements.

System solutions for car care and cleaning of buildings
The Car Care and building cleaning of OLMO relies on system solutions where all applications are covered by a program of coordinated cleaning and maintenance products. Our range of commercial cleaning products includes articles for basic and maintenance cleaning and products for special applications, such as special cleaners for colorfast carpets and upholstered furniture.
The Care Care Program provides proven paint and engine cleaners, high pressure cleaners, cockpit- and rubber care, rust remover, glass cleaners and preservative waxes, but also plastic colors and protection coatings. Special polish and conservation concepts.

Partnership and Service
You have now an idea of our standards. But we can do even more –
We advise and train you in all questions of material and eco-friendly cleaning and maintenance. Because as your partner in cleaning technology, we always want you to get the most effective solution to satisfy your customers. We have a nationwide distribution network in Germany as well as business partner all over Europe.
And of course, we will gladly advise you in the future and familiarise you with our products.